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“GreenWorks Systems from beginning to end was a pleasure to work with. Complete disclosure of the entire process and an in-depth explanation of their results made us feel in trusted hands. They were able to explain areas of our home where we could gain the most benefit from and also provided a list of future recommendations. Our home has seen a drastic improvement in air quality and energy savings following the work the team from GreenWorks Systems provided. Highly Recommended!”
–Brian S, homeowner, Kingsville, MD


“I can not tell how helpful, respectful and proactive this team is. I am a complete novice and was met with a level of service and support I have never encountered to date.”


“We had an energy audit performed a year and a half ago, but we weren’t able to do the insulation work at that point. We had to re-do the energy audit in order to qualify for the BGE rebate program. So we went with GreenWorks for the new audit. I’m very happy with their professional work and thoroughness. JT came out, did a full energy audit, walked me through everything, and showed me through infrared imaging the biggest air leak areas. Once the insulation work is done they will come back out and retest, the submit everything for me to BGE to get up to $2000 of the cost back in rebates. What a burden off of my back! I would highly recommend them. Their staff are knowledgeable, thorough and honest.”
–Homeowner, Lutherville, MD


“We have been the recipients of home improvements, additions and energy saving modifications to our home in Northern Baltimore County from GreenWorks Systems over the past four years. It would be a tremendous misnomer to use the word “satisfied” when “thrilled” seems to be more fitting. Ryan and his team were professional, punctual, efficient and prompt on three projects. In fact, they over delivered on the energy saving proposal by providing additional savings to the projected goal. Our addition has brought significant praise and admiration from several other neighborhood home owners, one of which actually is a builder who raved about the quality and appearance of the finished product. Several times, we were forced to modify design or make last minute changes, and GreenWorks was up to the challenge and provided alternatives, and the necessary momentum to keep the job focused and timely. Any issue or occurrence was quickly dealt with and any obstacle overcome. Always, and always, there was no impediment to the overall success of the project that Ryan did not deal with, with a sense of urgency and fix. His attention to detail and customer satisfaction is and was commendable. I would be remiss in not speaking to his competitive pricing, cleanliness before, during and after the completion of the project, as well as his offering suggestions and alternatives during implementation and creation. Ryan brought a sense of personal ownership, and pride in  his work that are not commonplace, unfortunately, any longer in the service industry.

In closing, we would happily and excitedly use his services in the future on any project we could envision to our home. I wholeheartedly recommend Ryan Wooden and GreenWorks!”
–Dave, homeowner,  Phoenix, MD


“All contacts were very professional, prompt, and positive. James arrived exactly when he said he would. He called ahead each time. He told me exactly what he was going to do and he did exactly what he said he would do. He did NOT try to up-sell me, even pointing out that my home was not appropriately situated for solar panels. He worked quickly and quietly and was careful not to disrupt my life or home. He left no mess. He also worked with DeVere Insulation, who did the actual work, and with BGE without my even asking. I did not need to baby-sit the communications among the companies. Between GreenWorks and DeVere, they took care of it all for me.  It was a positive experience and I recommend them highly.”
–Homeowner, Edgewater, MD


“[GreenWorks employee] was very professional, thorough and friendly. It took about 2 hours to complete the audit of my townhome. He explained everything clearly and really helped me identify issues in my home. I appreciated the fact that for $100 the use of an infrared camera was included in the price. Other vendors charged extra for this feature. Given the professionalism of [the GreenWorks employee], I would highly recommend this company to anyone looking for a comprehensive home energy audit.”
–Homeowner, Timonium, MD


“GreenWorks did an energy audit for me. They scheduled for my convenience. [GreenWorks employeed] arrived exactly on time and did a great job. He was careful, professional, careful, clean, thorough, and answered all my questions. It was exactly what I wanted and very helpful. I am glad to be able to recomomend them.”
–Homeowner, Edgewater, MD