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Energy Audits

The first step to analyzing and improving energy efficiency of your home is an energy audit.

Rather than focusing on a single problem such as an outdated heating or cooling system, inadequate insulation or drafty rooms, an energy audit determines how improvements throughout your home can work together to improve the comfort of your home, lower your energy use and ensure you’ve made the most energy-efficient improvements.

We are proud participating contractors of the BGE Home Performance Program and offer rebates and services associated with that program. And did you know energy upgrades could increase the resale value of your home? Through Pearl home certification, you can enjoy the benefits of energy upgrades today and see a return on your investment at resale. Click here to learn more about Pearl Certification.

During a home energy audit, our auditors perform a comprehensive assessment including:

  • Air Infiltration Test:  We test the integrity of the shell of the building (also known as the building envelope) to find areas of air leakage that can impact interior comfort as well as drive up energy bills.  Determining your home’s infiltration rate can help us recommend sealing areas where unwanted air and contaminants may be infiltrating your home.  Sealing those areas help with efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality.
  • Health and Safety Check:  Our auditors test the efficiency and performance of your heating equipment and water heater systems to ensure they are vented properly while testing for carbon monoxide.
  • Thermal Image:  Every audit includes a thermal image diagnostic test that provides conclusive evidence of poor insulation and air leakage.  The image provides visual confirmation of the air leaks that are uncovered during the air infiltration test. We encourage homeowners to observe this test so they can better understand their home’s efficiency
  • Prioritized list of Recommendations:  Immediately following the audit, our auditor will provide a verbal summary of our findings. This is followed by a detailed report that outlines recommended actions as well as associated costs, rebates, and return on investment information. This is received roughly seven days after the audit. Our auditor provides in-person explanation of all reports to ensure your questions are answered.
    • In addition to the audit report, our team will provide individual estimates for the energy upgrades recommended in the audit. These upgrades are performed in conjunction with our partner company, William D. Wooden Enterprises.
  • Post-Install Assessment:  Following any energy upgrades performed by GreenWorks Systems, a final energy and health/safety assessment is performed to ensure proper installation and to demonstrate the increased efficiency of your home. The post-install assessment is completed at no additional cost to you.
  • Submit for Rebate:  After completion of energy upgrades that are eligible for rebate, GreenWorks Systems will submit all associated material required to ensure you receive your local rebate.